Redondo Beach Event Space

Whether it's a party, special occasion, or corporate event, Project Barley Redondo Beach makes a perfect place for your group to eat, drink, and listen to music.

If your group isn't large, feel free to just drop by, but if you want to rent out the entire space, give us a call ahead of time.

To rent the Redondo Beach Event Space, call Jess at 310-989-3378 or email her at

The Annex

The Project Barley Annex sits adjacent to the main tap room on the Waterfront in Redondo Beach.

The pinball machines and relaxed atmosphere with quick access to food and the rest of the facilities at Redondo Pier make it perfect for a kid's birthday party, office gathering, or any other intimate event.

Event Space in Redondo Beach: A Versatile Venue for Memorable Gatherings

Choosing the right venue can significantly impact the success of your event. For those in the Redondo Beach area, Project Barley Redondo Beach stands out as a unique and engaging option. This tap room features an annex filled with pinball machines, an impressive selection of beers from Project Barley and other breweries, live music with an electronic drum kit and sound system, a full restaurant menu of high-end bar food, and a variety of wines and cocktails. Additionally, the venue hosts monthly songwriter nights, weekly karaoke, and trivia, creating an exceptional experience for every guest.

The Tap Room Experience

Tap rooms have become increasingly popular for events due to their relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Project Barley Redondo Beach exemplifies this trend, providing a perfect setting for social gatherings, celebrations, and corporate events. The tap room’s welcoming environment ensures that every family member, except pets due to health codes, can be part of the festivities.

Engaging Pinball Machines

The pinball machines in the annex add an extra layer of fun to any event. These classic arcade games appeal to both adults and children, offering a nostalgic and interactive experience. They provide an excellent icebreaker, foster friendly competition, and keep guests entertained throughout the event.

Diverse Beer Selection

A significant highlight of Project Barley Redondo Beach is the diverse selection of beers on tap. The tap room features a variety of craft beers from Project Barley and other local breweries, each with its unique flavor and character. This wide range of options ensures that every guest can find a beer to enjoy.

Variety and Quality

The extensive beer selection includes everything from hoppy IPAs and smooth stouts to refreshing lagers and unique seasonal brews. This diversity caters to different tastes and adds an element of exploration and enjoyment to the event. Guests can sample various beers and learn about the brewing process, making the experience both educational and fun.

Supporting the Local Brewing Community

Hosting your event at Project Barley Redondo Beach means supporting the local brewing community. The craft beer movement thrives on creativity, passion, and community spirit. By choosing this tap room, you contribute to the local economy and culture, making your event even more meaningful.

Live Music: Enhancing the Atmosphere

Live music is a fantastic way to elevate any event, and Project Barley Redondo Beach excels in this area. The tap room features an electronic drum kit and a professional sound system, making it an ideal venue for live performances. Whether you prefer live bands, solo artists, or DJs, the venue’s setup accommodates various musical styles and adds vibrancy to your gathering.

Electronic Drum Kit and Sound System

The electronic drum kit and high-quality sound system ensure excellent acoustics and performance quality. This setup is perfect for live bands, enhancing their sound and creating an immersive musical experience. It’s also suitable for announcements, speeches, and other audio needs, making your event smooth and professional.

Monthly Songwriter Nights

Project Barley Redondo Beach hosts monthly songwriter nights, providing a platform for local musicians to showcase their talents. These events are perfect for music enthusiasts and aspiring songwriters, offering an intimate and supportive environment for creative expression and enjoyment.

Culinary Delights: High-End Bar Food

A delicious meal can make any event memorable, and Project Barley Redondo Beach delivers with its high-end bar food menu. The diverse menu offers a variety of dishes that pair wonderfully with the beers on tap, ensuring that guests are well-fed and satisfied.

Varied Menu Options

The bar food menu includes everything from classic burgers and sandwiches to creative appetizers and hearty dishes. Whether your guests prefer vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options, the restaurant can accommodate various dietary needs, ensuring everyone can enjoy a delicious meal.

Perfect Pairings

The bold flavors of the high-end bar food complement the craft beers, enhancing the overall dining experience. Guests can experiment with different pairings, discovering how the flavors of the food and beer elevate each other.

Engaging Events: Karaoke and Trivia

Project Barley Redondo Beach hosts engaging weekly events, including karaoke and trivia nights. These activities add an extra layer of entertainment, making the tap room a lively and dynamic venue.

Weekly Karaoke

Karaoke nights encourage guests to showcase their vocal talents, adding a fun and interactive element to your gathering. It’s a great way to bring people together and ensure everyone has a memorable time.

Trivia Nights

Trivia nights challenge guests with questions on a variety of topics, fostering friendly competition and teamwork. These events are a fantastic way to engage guests and provide a unique and enjoyable experience.

An Ideal Venue for Various Events

The combination of a tap room, pinball arcade, live music, a high-end bar food menu, and diverse drink options makes Project Barley Redondo Beach an ideal venue for a wide range of events. Whether you're planning a birthday party, a corporate gathering, a family reunion, or a casual get-together with friends, this venue offers everything you need for a memorable experience.

Birthday Parties

Project Barley Redondo Beach provides a lively and entertaining atmosphere for birthday parties. Guests can enjoy pinball, sample a variety of craft beers, indulge in delicious bar food, and enjoy live music. The inclusive environment ensures that friends and family of all ages can join in the celebration, making it a truly special occasion.

Corporate Events

Corporate events and team-building activities benefit from the relaxed yet dynamic setting of the tap room. The unique venue fosters a sense of camaraderie and creativity, encouraging team members to interact in a fun and informal way. The availability of diverse drinks and food options ensures that everyone is catered for, making it easier to plan and execute a successful event.

Family Reunions

Family reunions can sometimes be challenging to plan, especially when trying to accommodate different age groups and interests. Project Barley Redondo Beach's family-friendly environment, combined with its wide range of entertainment and dining options, makes it an ideal choice for such gatherings. Children can play, adults can relax and enjoy the craft beers and cocktails, and everyone can come together over delicious food and live music.

Casual Gatherings

Even for casual gatherings with friends, Project Barley Redondo Beach offers a perfect setting. The laid-back atmosphere, engaging pinball machines, live music, and variety of drinks and food create a welcoming space where friends can catch up, relax, and have fun. It's a place where memories are made, and good times are guaranteed.

The Perfect Blend of Atmosphere and Amenities

Project Barley Redondo Beach excels in providing a perfect blend of atmosphere and amenities, ensuring that every event hosted there is a resounding success. Its welcoming, inclusive environment, combined with the exciting entertainment options and high-quality food and drink, sets it apart from more traditional venues.

Aesthetic Appeal

The aesthetic appeal of Project Barley Redondo Beach adds to its charm. With its industrial-chic décor, exposed brick walls, and warm lighting, the venue exudes a cozy and inviting vibe. The thoughtful design elements create a space that is both stylish and comfortable, making it ideal for any event.

Excellent Service

Another standout feature of the tap room is its excellent service. The staff is friendly, attentive, and dedicated to ensuring that every guest has a great experience. From helping with event planning and setup to providing recommendations on beer pairings and menu selections, the team goes above and beyond to make each event special.

Flexibility and Customization

Project Barley Redondo Beach's flexibility and willingness to customize the event to meet your needs is another significant advantage. Whether you have specific dietary requirements, need a particular setup for the pinball machines, or want to create a unique drink menu, the team is ready to work with you to bring your vision to life.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Event Experience

In conclusion, Project Barley Redondo Beach offers an exceptional venue for hosting a wide range of events. With its welcoming atmosphere, engaging pinball machines, diverse selection of beers from Project Barley and other breweries, live music with an electronic drum kit and sound system, a full restaurant menu of high-end bar food, and a variety of wines and cocktails, it provides a unique and memorable experience. The addition of monthly songwriter nights, weekly karaoke, and trivia further enhances the venue’s appeal, ensuring that every guest has a fantastic time.

Whether you're planning a birthday party, a corporate event, a family reunion, or a casual gathering, Project Barley Redondo Beach offers everything you need to ensure your event is a success. The combination of diverse drink options, delicious food, engaging entertainment, and inclusive policies creates an atmosphere that is both fun and memorable. Choose Project Barley Redondo Beach for your next event, and elevate your gathering to new heights.