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Karaoke w/ Mitch

Sing like a Pro on stage!

Open Mic w/ Gericho

bring an instrument and a song

Karaoke w/ Jess

Sing like a PRO on stage!

Tres Hombres

Kick Ass Rock

Barclay Roach Trio

Rock Covers


Alt. Pop Rock

Russell Somers

Acoustic Pop/Blues/Rock Covers

Rusted Roses

Classic / Jam Rock

The Firkins

Alt country/ indie

Thatcher Horrocks & Friends

Rockin Jams

Acoustic Warriors

Rock Covers

Dead Marley Matthews

Reggae, Jam Rock

Trivia w/ MC Ken

Test your brain, bring a team

Game Night

Darts tournament and Pinball competition with prizes!

Trivia w/ MC Ken

Trivia Night